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The purpose of the Operations Manual is to provide guidance to flight operations personnel, including flight crew and flight dispatch.  The manual contains information, directives and procedures pertinent to  the safe conduct of flight operations and operational control.

  • Must be indentifiable and accessible to flight operations personnel;

  • Must contain information that is clear, legible and accurately represented;

  • Must be written in a language or languages understood by flight operations personnel;

  • Must be presented in a useable format that meets the flight operation personnel;


Company Standard Procedures

Security Measures

Emergency Procedures

Flight Crew Training Program

Safety Management System (SMS)

Dangerous Goods

Quality Assurance Program


All Flight Operational Personnel must be familiar with, and adhere at all times to the procedures and policies described in the Operations Manual.


Conceptair Aviation offers:  

  • Study and revision of all your company's  manuals

  • Courses on flight safety for your aircrew

  • Courses for your ground personnel:  Anti-icing, ground fueling and Normal Operations and more.


SOP   (Standard Operating Procedure)

This is the complete set of procedures that ensure cohesion between the crew members of an aircraft.  Divided into several chapters the SOP contains everything that the crew must know from preparation of the flight to the closing of the engines including the emergency procedures.  Across the world, this standard language is strictly followed by all members of commercial crew and ensures security and standardization of operations for each individual company.

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